Here’s a video from yesterday of me being dumb 

Also I’m thinking of changing this blog up to include other car related content, including more original content. It would still be a lot of Volvo stuff, but also include other euro car stuff from Sacramento/Norcal area. 

What do you guys think?

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Volvo rallye

unlucky 940…

One of these days I’ll get around to detailing my car and taking some real pictures, until then here are some phone shots. I lowered the rear a bit and stripped the wheels back to gold since the last pictures I posted


Volvo 240 - Donington - 1983


Volvo 240 - Donington - 1983


Martin Brag’s m50b25 turbo powered 242

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Check out a full feature on Joacim’s Muri twin turbo Viper V10 powered 242 at

v10 242s are the new thing I guess


Jesper Andersson’s Volvo 242 build, powered by the E60 BMW M5/M6’s V10. Not your average brick.

Full Speedhunters feature here.

Some pictures I never posted on here. Cant wait for my new clutch to come so I can drive this thing again